3x3 star Bulut gives back to his community

28 Sept 2020

NOVI SAD (Serbia) - No player has defined the 21-point game like Serbian star Dusan  Bulut, who has so often melted down social media with his sick ridiculous plays en route to winning a pile of trophies. 


But the scintillating Serb's influence is extending far beyond putting dizzy defenders on memes. Bulut has never forgotten his roots of playing in the streets of Serbia - where he crafted his insane moves.


He recently gave back to his local community by helping refurbish a 3x3 court in Novi Sad. "When you have a relationship with somebody, as I do with the street, sometimes you do something nice, with no reason, for the other person," he said.

"When I grew up, we all liked to play on those concrete courts and concrete backboards. I think that now it is going to help kids to go there and enjoy it more. 

"And that's why we did it, because we wanted to do something nice to the community, to the youth and something nice for the sport and art." 

Complete with beautiful art work, the court is set to be an eye-catching landmark in the suburb of Liman and a popular destination for youth to socialize.


"I just grabbed the ball and walked to the courts of Liman, searching for the games, searching for my friends," Bulut said. "That's how we socialized. The reason why I have chosen that court is because it's half court.

"That court is always full of kids, close to the city beach. The artist wanted to show his talent to more people in Liman." 

Knowing the court has Bulut's magical touch is sure to inspire the next generation of hoopers in the area. Don't be surprised to see a whole bunch of talented youth in Liman trying to perfect the Shammgod nutmeg mastered by 'Mr Bullutproof'.

"This is for the kids, for the youth and all kinds of people to play, to hang out, to make new memories," he said. "I think that they will figure out for themselves how they will use it."


Bulut and his superstar Novi Sad teammates struggled during the 3x3 World Tour's return in Hungary in a title-less campaign.

But Bulut knows 3x3 is much more important than Ws and Ls. His influence extends into childhood dreams.

And onto the court he helped refurbish.