Everything you need to know before FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2020 begins

28 Aug 2020

DEBRECEN (Hungary) – With the FIBA 3x3 World Tour already back tomorrow, we have all the answers to your questions about the 2020 event.

Where can I watch the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2020 ?

Make sure you are following us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates in addition to Facebook and YouTube where we will be broadcasting live on both channels. We're also on TV all around the world. Check out our list of broadcasters.


Who is competing at the events?

Debrecen Masters (Aug 29-30)

Liman, Novi Sad, Riga, NY Harlem, Sakiai, Piran, Amsterdam, Humpolec Bernard, Graz, Debrecen, Tallinn, Utena Uniclub

Hungary Masters (Sept 1-2)

Liman, Novi Sad, Riga, NY Harlem, Sakiai, Piran, Ub, Gagarin, Ulaanbaatar, Lausanne, Jeddah, Humpolec Bernard, Antwerp Ladbrokes, Debrecen

Europe Masters (Sept 4-5)

Liman, Novi Sad, Riga, NY Harlem, Sakiai, Piran, Zemun, Gagarin, Ulaanbaatar, Lausanne, Jeddah, Moscow Inanomo, Paris, Debrecen

What are the pools?

Heading into the World Tour, the pools are set for all three events, and are as follows:




Who are the favorites?

All top 6 teams all have big questions to answer heading into the week of competition. You can read them here. The last four times the World Tour has been in Debrecen, Novi Sad and Liman have each won twice, making them both obvious favorites to be at the top of the field.


Who are the players to watch?

The best 3x3 players in the world will be at the 2020 World Tour events. 39 of the top 50 players in the FIBA individual world rankings will be in attendance, including the top 10 players in the world.

Notable names include the #1 3x3 player in the World Dusan Bulut, World Tour 2019 regular season MVP "Disco Domo" Jones, Karlis Lasmanis, Nauris Miezis, and Stefan Kojic, the Debecen Masters 2019 MVP.