Hire's entertaining 3x3 podcasts proving a huge hit

14 Jul 2020

PERTH (Australia) - FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup 2019 winner Greg Hire has helped content-starved 3x3 fanatics through these challenging times with his entertaining and engaging weekly podcasts.

For the past two months, in partnership with Australia's NBL, Hire's seamless transition into the media world has been a big hit for 3x3 fans missing the on-court action due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Every player I've chatted to has given 3x3 such a ringing endorsement. You can feel the pure joy and happiness when they talk about it."

Australia's top-ranked 3x3 player and an ambassador Down Under, Hire's unbridled passion for the 21-point game shines through during in-depth conversations with some of 3x3's biggest stars, including Dominique Jones, Migna Touré and Damon Huffman.

"It’s obviously a tough situation right now but it's an opportunity to bring a bit of advocacy for 3x3 through this podcast," Hire says. "There are so many unbelievable stories in 3x3 and the beauty is that players are really happy to open up and talk about themselves.

"Every player I've chatted to has given 3x3 such a ringing endorsement. You can feel the pure joy and happiness when they talk about something they clearly enjoy."

So, who does the big fella think has been the funniest guest? That honor goes to Korean star Seung Jun Lee, who has been fortunate enough to return to 3x3 action in the Korea 3x3 Premier League.


"I've always had really good banter with SJ Lee on the court and we had fun going up against each other at the Asia Cup," Hire says. "He was someone I wanted on from the beginning and the chemistry between us is obvious on the podcast."

Hire's podcasts have shown plenty of heart - none more so than his conversation with reigning FIBA 3x3 World Cup gold medalist Damon Huffman. So taken by the American's honesty, Hire exchanged texts with him afterwards to continue the chat.

"I have fondness for guys who are underdogs and Damon Huffman is a prime example," Hire says. "His journey trying to get into the USA team is inspirational and it was really interesting to hear him open up about the pressures of playing for the hoops powerhouse.

"They are always seen as favorites and for the American players that is a lot of pressure to have to deal with."


Hire says every player he has interviewed has been "inspiring" in their own way. "The great thing about 3x3 is that it has become truly global and the backstories of the players are so different," he says.

"I have really been enjoying them and hope to do many more."

The strapping 6ft 7in (2.01m) Hire played a key role in Australia qualifying for last year's World Cup and was the backbone behind the team’s triumph at the Asia Cup in China.

He's greatly missed playing the game he loves but is currently helping plan 3x3's imminent return in Australia.


"I've only been involved in 3x3 for a short time but it's felt like a big hole not playing this year," Hire says. "Originally we hoped to get a league up and running by the end of July but the spike in cases in Victoria has delayed that.

"Hopefully we can get something up by September because I can't wait to play again."

In the meantime, Hire will continue entertaining 3x3 fans through his new hobby of hosting exciting podcasts.