The best individual performances on the 3x3 World Tour

18 Aug 2020

MIES (Switzerland) – 3x3 is a team game but in these 9 situations, one man alone caught fire and flipped the switch. Here are the  best scoring performances in World Tour History.

1. Corey Campbell (19): 2013 World Tour San Juan – Denver v Philadelphia

This baller should just wear No.1 – as he's topped several of our lists. His insane 19-point binge way back in 2013 – just the second edition of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour – remains the landmark for World Tour outputs.

The US sniper had so much game we should spell his last name "Can Ball".


2. Nolan Brudehl (18): 2015 World Tour Mexico DF – Saskatoon v Ottawa

What makes this even more special is that Brudehl did it on the big stage against a heated rival. Games between Canadian teams are always hard fought and this was no exception – but Brudehl's hot hand was the difference as Saskatoon claimed the bragging rights with a 22-15 victory. 

3. Malcom Battles (17): 2015 WT Beijing – Beijing v Jakarta

Most high tallies are fueled by two-pieces but Malcolm Battles' dominated through bullying from the inside. He hit just two from outside the arc and instead went to work in the post to overwhelm the smaller Jakarta defenders.

He was a man amongst boys in China but there was a gracefulness about his low post moves that are highly rewatchable.


4. Michael Hicks (17): 2015 WT Lausanne – Gdansk v Lausanne

Michael Hicks aka 'Money in the Bank' has already made a previous list – for submitting the best performance of 2019. But he's also completely dominated the World Tour and was never better than this 17-point solo effort against hosts Lausanne in 2015.

This game should not have been close but Hicks put the team on his back and fired a slew of incredible shots from beyond the arc – in his trademark crazy fashion. His best was when he hit the money on the two-point bank shot to tie the game at 20 apiece but Gdansk ultimately fell short.

Even though his team lost, Hicks was all cash in this one.


5. Antar Moeman (17): 2014 WT Lausanne – Monastir v Dusseldorf

Antar Moeman's heroics is one of the most memorable and punctuated by an absolutely insane finish. Down 20-19, the smooth shooting lefty broke the hearts of Dusseldorf with a tough contested two-piece in an all-time buzzer beater.

It capped a brilliant performance for Antar, which included seven two-pointers.


6. André Stefanelli (16): 2018 WT Mexico City – Rio Janeiro v Villa Maria

Andre Stefanelli hovered behind the arc for good reason – the man couldn't miss. The Brazilian sharpshooter splashed a couple of shots and Villa Maria didn't adjust like they forgot about 'Dre. So the man went on and on to nail 8 two-pieces.

Kyle Montgomery aka 'The Voice' perfectly summed it: "He shot the lights out. We've got to get the technicians to put it back on!"


7. Chip Jones (16): 2013 WT Lausanne – The Hague v Malaga

There is something about lovely Lausanne that brings out some of the dopest performances ever seen on the World Tour. This 16-point barrage from Chip Jones in 2013 kick-started a run of three years of just insane scoring binges there.

He single-handedly overcame a tough Malaga team through mainly strong play in the post as The Hague won a hard-fought contest 21-18.

8. Ovidijus Varanauskas (16): 2015 WT Lausanne – Vilnius v Malaga

Guess where? Yep, you already know! Maybe players are inspired because Lausanne is the Olympic capital and they want to put on a show. Whatever the reason, it is uncanny how many iconic performances are in this scenic Swiss city and the shifty Ovidijus Varanauskas added to the list with a monster quarter-final effort en route to a title for the Lithuanians from Vilnius.


9. Willie Murdaugh (16): 2014 WT Final Tokyo – Saskatoon v Trbovlje

Back in 2014, Saskatoon absolutely schooled the teachers - Gasper Ovnik and Simon Finzgar - through a monster performance from Willie Murdaugh, who scored 16 points in the 21-6 rout. He was on fire early with a couple of bombs and never let up.

The muscular Murdaugh bulldozed through the shell-shocked Slovenians to make Finzgar and Ovnik look like they should be in kindergarten.


10. Bikramjit Gill (15): 2017 WT Mexico City – Hamamatsu v Mexico City

The qualifying draw of the 2017 World Tour in Mexico City produced an insane scoring performance from Bikramjit Gill. The 'Bearded King' poured 15 points in his team's victory over the hosts to ensure the Japanese team secured a place in the main draw.