'The Ten-Minute Sprint' episode 2 recap - Who's on the FIBA 3x3 Hall of Fame?

10 Jun 2020

LOS ANGELES (USA) - We’re getting closer to the return of sports around the world, and as the summer heats up, so do the hot takes from the voices of 3x3, Kyle Montgomery and Corey 'Homicide' Williams. 

In episode two of FIBA 3x3's new online show The Ten-Minute Sprint, the lad with the gift of gab, Kyle Montogomery, and former NBL champ Corey Williams give their Mount Rushmore of FIBA 3x3, on both the men’s and the women’s side.

The duo began the show by talking about the most recent events surrounding racial equality and the subsequent protests across the globe.

"The love that has been shown and the respect that has been shown due to the death of George Floyd has been incredible… It’s a beautiful thing," said Williams.

Montgomery agrees. "The love is palpable… As a person of color here in the United States, this stays near to my heart."

FIBA3x3 · The Ten-Minute Sprint - Episode 2

They moved on to the main event, who would sit atop their FIBA 3x3 Mount Rushmore. Kyle and Corey chose four men and four women to round out their crews.

Of course, the number one overall pick was an easy one…

Kyle Montgomery took Dusan Bulut, the current number one player in the world in the FIBA 3x3 rankings. “You can’t start a Mount Rushmore of 3x3 without him.”


He rounded out his list with 2-time World Tour winner Jasmin Hercegovac, 3x3 World Cup 2018 winer Stefan Stojacic, and  World Tour 2019 regular season MVP "Disco Domo" Jones. 

Corey Williams’ Mount Rushmore is no slouch either, choosing 4-time FIBA 3x3 World Tour winner Dejan Majstorovic, Europe Cup winner 2016 Simon Finzgar, 3x3 World TOur Doha Masters 2019 MVPKarlis Lasmanis, and 4-time World Cup winner Marko Savic.

One the women’s side, Anna Leshkovtseva was taken number one overall by Williams, who labelled the Russian as the women’s 3x3 Goat. Somewhere out there, Corey is still reading off her lists of endless accomplishments. 

He finished his squad with 2-time Europe Cup winner  Migna Toure, Asia Cup 2019 MVP Bec Cole, and Europe Cup 2019 silver medalist Aitana Cuevas. 


Montgomery put the Goat conversation up for debate by picking Europe Cup 2017 MVP  Anastasia Logunova, who he claims is the most dominant women’s 3x3 player he has ever seen.

His Mount Rushmore features 3x3 World Cup 2018 MVP Raelin D’Alie, 2-time Europe Cup winner Ana Maria Filip, and Europe Cup 2016 MVP Dora Medgyesy.

So, did they get it right? Who would be on your FIBA 3x3 Mount Rushmore?