The top 10 most epic individual 3x3 performances of all time

13 Aug 2020

MIES (Switzerland) – We know you are craving more 3x3 content so we've gone through the archives and found the most epic individual 3x3 performances of all time.

1. Corey Campbell (19 points):  World Tour San Juan Masters 2013 – Denver v Philadelphia

For newcomers, here's a little 3x3 history lesson: Corey Campbell was a bad man. The American was one of the best players during the early years and his creativity and hot shooting paved the way for future 3x3 stars to imitate his style.

His highest scoring output was an insane 19 of Denver's 20 points against Philadelphia in 2013 and it became the standard for several years. It might still be the gold standard of 3x3 individual performances. We did a whole video about that game. Haven't seen it yet? 


2. Kodai Kawachi (19):  FIBA 3x3 U18 Asia Cup 2016 – Japan v South Korea

You know what's so great about 3x3? It doesn’t discriminate. It's a game for everyone. Just ask Kodai Kawachi – the 5ft 9in (1.76m) assassin who dropped 19 on the bigger South Koreans.

If you can swag on court – no matter your size - you're going to dominate 3x3.


3. Payton Pritchard (19): FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2015 – USA v Poland

Imagine being able to hit 9 two-pieces in a 3x3-game?  Payton Pritchard somehow did that in a game that was over after 4 minutes and 15 seconds. That's basically 1 shot from long range every 28 seconds. You read that right.


4. RJ Abarrientos (18): FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup 2019 – Philippines v Iran

Talk about heat checks – RJ hit the J all game and nailed seven two-pieces to ensure his hoops-crazy compatriots felt crazier than karaoke night.

Filipino players always have more pressure than others due to the sheer level of fandom but Abarrientos stepped up – made more impressively with key player Ricci Rivero sidelined – to show he was made for the big time.

5. Anze Srebovt (17): FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup 2016 – Slovenia v Russia

Anze Srebovt often gets overlooked compared to compatriots Simon Finzgar and Gasper Ovnik who school opponents like they are on detention.

But in the semi-final of the 2016 FIBA 3x3 European Championship, Srebovt gave the ultimate lesson with a scoring binge of 17 points in Slovenia’s 21-10 rout of talented Russia.

We sometimes brand Srebovt as the Tim Duncan of 3x3 but he was out there shooting H.O.R.S.E. shots over the backboard and everything. Mental.


6. Michael Hicks (13): FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2019 – Poland v Serbia

Michael Hicks aka ‘Money in the Bank’ has dropped 17-point explosions twice yet they don't even make this list! That’s how good this dude is.

We just had to include his 13-point and 8 rebound heroics to power Poland to bronze and a spot in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

He was cash with the game on the line with an incredible off-balance game-winner in the best performance of 2019.


7. Sara Krumpholcova (17): FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2016– Czech Republic v Venezuela

The FIBA 3x3 U18 Europe Cup 26 MVP Sara Krumpholcova wrote the history books with a 17-point outburst in her team's 21-5 thrashing of Venezuela at the U18 World Cup 2016.

It was a feat made even more impressive as she scored seven two-pieces in just seven minutes. Sadly Krumpholcova retired from 3x3 and basketball in 2018. Sara if you read this, come back!


8. Dejan Majstorovic (16): Penang Challenger 2019 – Novi Sad v Tokyo Dime

There isn't any prettier sight than the 'Maestro' feeling it. And he was never better than during a purple patch mid-last year when he scored 57 points in 5 games – accounting for 56% of his team's points during a victorious campaign in Penang. Novi Sad were playing with just 3 players so no subs at this Challenger.

He scored 16 points against Tokyo Dime and 15 versus Liman in consecutive games during the knockout stages to be bigger than the Petronas Towers in Malaysia.


9. Maksim Kovacevic (12):  World Tour Debrecen Masters 2019 – Liman v Riga Ghetto

A shorthanded Liman's victory over Riga Ghetto in the final of the Debrecen Masters is one of the all-time grittiest wins. A three-man Liman played without a sub but it didn't matter as Maksim Kovacevic put on a show with 12 points, including 5/8 from outside the arc.

With his head wrapped up after an injury, Kovacevic resembled a warrior and the fighting spirit of Russell Crowe in Gladiator.


10. Soraya Mohamed (16): 3x3 Africa Cup 2019 – Egypt v Benin

Soraya Mohamed is the Cleopatra of Egyptian 3x3 and she showed why during a tour de force of last year's 3x3 Africa Cup, which she capped with an insane step back that made her a social media darling.

Her best performance of the tournament was against Benin in Egypt's first game of the tournament, where she poured in 16 points, hit 5 two-pointers and made numerous trademark spectacular plays.