Which 3x3 superstar are you?

7 Apr 2020

MIES (Switzerland) - This quick quiz will help you find out with which 3x3 player you have the most in common.

We asked 10 questions to four of 3x3's best – Dusan Bulut aka Mr Bullutproof (Serbia), Dominique Jones aka Disco Domo (USA) and women stars Rebecca Cole (Australia) and Soraya Mohamed (Egypt)

Take part in the quiz and select the answers that best represent yourself. Then have a look at the code at the bottom to see which player you are. AFTER you've given your answers, don't cheat.


1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
a. Drink coffee
b. Cut my alarm off 3x
c. Brush my teeth
d. Check my phone... IG

2. Which are the 5 songs you listen to hype you up?
a.  Welcome to the party- Pop Smoke
b.Highest in the room - Travis Scott
c. Level up - Ciara
d. Depends on the mood

3. When the quarantine is over, which celebrity would you love to eat with?
a. Lauren London
b. Flea
c. Chrissy Teigen
d. Steph Curry

4. You can eat anything you want: which meal do you order?
a. Pan fried Dumplings in chilli oil
b. Crab legs ,lobster, shrimp and rice and broccoli
c. Shrimp pasta or pizza pepperoni
d. Homemade pancakes

5. Which is the movie or the TV show that you've watched the most?
a. I love you man
b. Anything on HBO
c. The Wire and Prison Break
d. The light between the oceans/Like Mike

6. What's your favorite thing to do with your teammates when you're not on the court?
a. Ig pics, Play fight and joke on one another
b. Go out for dinner and a glass of red wine
c. Uno
d. Hanging out to eat after practice

7. What is the thing you say the most to your opponents?
a. Good luck!
b. I’m gonna teach you your manners / I’m like that!!
c. Nothing
d. Once the game has started, I don't talk to my opponents I'm 100% focused on the game

8. Which is your favorite pair of shoe to wear off the court?
a. Slippers on the beach
b. Nike Air Force
c. Jordan 1s
d. Adidas Sleek Super 

9. What's the best quality you look for in a teammate?
a. Willingness to learn and get better
b. That he is a normal person
c. Relentlessness
d. Smart one - to catch the no look pass

10. What's your most used emoji?
a. 💯
b. 😍
c. 😂
d. 🙃

Answers: 1. a. ∆ b. X c. 0 d. □ 2. a. X b. 0 c. □ d. ∆ 3. a. X b. ∆ c. □ d 4. a. □ b. X c. 0 d. ∆ 5. a. □ b. ∆ c. X d. 6. a. X b. □ c. ∆ d. 0. 7. a. □ b. X c. ∆ d. 0 8. a. X b. 0 c. ∆ d. □ 9. a. X b. ∆ c. □ d. 0. 10. a. X b. 0 c. □ d. ∆

If you have a majority of X, you’re Disco Domo, 0 you're Soraya Mohamed, ∆ Mr Bullutproof and □ Bec Cole.

Happy with the outcome?