FIBA 3x3 Official Supplier Enlio leading the way in sustainability with an upgraded flooring

28 Mar 2023

SINGAPORE – The FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup 2023 is about to go down for its fifth edition – and second in Singapore – with FIBA 3x3 Official Floor Supplier Enlio providing its new flooring for this first event of the year.

Following the announcement made in 2022, with FIBA and China’s leading sports flooring manufacturer Enlio announcing the extension of their multi-year partnership at FIBA 3x3 events until 2030, this is another recognition by FIBA of the quality of Enlio’s materials and products.

Enlio first joined the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre in 2018, with the SES Elite flooring gaining FIBA Approval in the synthetic flooring category of FIBA’s Approved 3x3 Equipment.

Over the past years, the SES Elite flooring tailored by Enlio for 3x3 basketball, has provided the perfect sports competition stage for the 3x3 World Tours, 3x3 World Cups, and the Olympic debut of the discipline in Tokyo, receiving great feedback from players.

FIBA 3x3 Managing Director Alex Sanchez said: "We are pleased to have Enlio once again as the official floor supplier of the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup. Having a high-tech flooring system that is FIBA Approved and meets the safety and performance needs of players is key for this fast-paced and now world-renowned Olympic discipline."

At present, Enlio has carried out extensive research on the application of the floor structure and environmental materials, to launch the 40mm of SES Elite floor, which has super stability and impact absorption, ensuring excellent and more stable ball bouncing performance, effectively protecting the players, and helping to maximize their strength and bounce ability.

Enlio is also currently developing new eco-friendly flooring by using recycled rubber materials synthesized from bio-based raw materials to replace the traditional synthetic rubber, ensuring Enlio is complying FIBA's sustainability environmental concept.