From tragedy to inspiration - The story of Bekki Kalaydjiev

11 May 2023

VIENNA (Austria) - In 2021, the journey of 3x3 Austrian star Bekki Kalaydjiev took a severe turn. Returning from the Women's Series Stop in Montreal to her university in Florida, she met with a severe car accident. In a moment, her 3x3 basketball career and life came to a standstill.

“I could’ve died, I could’ve been paralyzed, I could’ve had brain damage. The doctors didn’t know the first few days after the accident,” Bekki said.

Recovering from a harrowing experience was never going to be an easy feat. The battle was going to be mentally exhausting, just as much as it was going to be physically demanding. Bekki’s mindset however, aided her on her journey back to normalcy.

The Austrian star was greeted with a wave of support from all parts of the 3x3 world, only solidifying her love for the game and the impact she has left in her short stint so far on her peers and hoopers around the world.

After numerous surgeries and a grueling rehab process, Bekki is hoping to make her return to 3x3 basketball this year with her name being included in the extended roster for the upcoming World Cup.

“I just wanna motivate people to never give up and to really show the world that your mind matters. No matter what you’re going through, I believe if you have a strong mindset you can overcome anything.”

Bekki’s road to recovery stands as a testament to the importance of a positive attitude and determination, a beacon of inspiration and hope. It is only a matter of time before she takes to the court again and lights it up.