Spectacular growth for 3x3 as Ibai Llanos and FIBA partner over a breathtaking second FIBA 3x3 streamers tournament

16 May 2023

MIES (Switzerland) / BARCELONA (Spain) - The FIBA 3x3 Streamers Tournament made its return on April 21, in collaboration with Twitch star Ibai Llanos once again for the one-night 3x3 frenzy festival.

The uptick in viewership was dramatic with an unprecedented 73 Million views across all platforms for the event compared to the 22.7 Million from last year's first edition. It is just another one of numerous indicators of the rapid growth in popularity of 3x3 around the world.

The tournament ruled over Twitch, being the most watched event worldwide that day on the platform with 1.4 Million views, peaking at 127,172 live viewers.

While the growth over social media was felt across all platforms, none were as emphatic as TikTok which saw an increase in followership from 252.5k to 347.6k in just 2 days, a 95.1k jump due to the Streamers Tournament.

With a total of 71.4 Million followers amongst all the creators and celebrities involved with the event and TikTok catching onto the tournament-centric content like never before, the promising trend upwards for celebrity-centric 3x3 events continues to thrill fans around the world.