All you need to know before FIBA 3x3 Universality Olympic Qualifying Tournament 1 2024

11 Apr 2024

HONG KONG (China) - A loaded field of men's and women's teams will put everything on the line at the FIBA 3x3 Universality Olympic Qualifying Tournament 1 2024

Here is all the important information you need to know before this vital event gets underway. 

Where can I watch?

The action runs from April 12-14, and you can follow it live on TV and on social media on the FIBA 3x3 YouTube Channel.

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Who is competing and what is at stake? 

There are 16 teams - eight in each gender - competing in Hong Kong. There is just one Olympic ticket per gender up for grabs. 

What are the pools?


Pool A:  Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong China 
Pool B: Mongolia, Latvia, Egypt, New Zealand 


Pool A: Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Hong Kong China
Pool B: Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Chile 

Who are the favorites? 

Since we did a longer list in the preview, let's challenge ourselves here and limit the favorites to two teams per gender. For the men's, we just have to stick with Latvia who know how to handle the Olympic pressure having created history at the Tokyo Games. 

They will bring a trio of Olympic gold medallists to Hong Kong, so we just have to give them the first shout out.


As for the other major contender, we can't go past the Netherlands who have maybe the best one-two punch in scoring machines Worthy de Jong and Dimeo van der Horst. 

In the women's, the Netherlands look like a real force given their length and athleticism, which should really trouble opponents in Hong Kong. 

For our second choice, anyone watching the recent FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup 2024 will find it difficult to overlook Mongolia, who played their hearts out to win an emotional bronze medal. 

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There is a very good chance that we have eggs on our faces because all 16 teams can genuinely reach Paris. 

Who are the players to watch? 

Some of the very best players in the world will be repping their countries with pride.

There are some natural born entertainers and you know who we're referring to - Worthy de Jong and Gilles Martin, who can do things you won't believe is possible with the Wilson. 

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When the game is on the line, who do you want - Nauris Miezis or Anand Ariunbold? If dunking is more your jam than you're in for a treat because Tai Wynyard can rip down the rim because he plays the game with brute force. 

In the women's, Noortje Driessen is an athletic marvel who can turn into beast mode, while Aldona Morawiec and Indra Ulziibat can splash from Victoria Harbour. 

You will have to see to believe what Selaawi can do with the Wilson, while Klaudia Papp's game is tastier than dim sum.