Eight teams confirmed for Paris Olympics 2024, who’s in and who’s looking in

15 Apr 2024

HONG KONG (China) - Latvia (Men) and Azerbaijan (Women) are the latest teams to book their spot in the Paris Olympics in July, making it eight confirmed teams in total.

The FIBA 3x3 Universality Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Hong Kong saw the first two sides to book their ticket to the Olympics via the tournament format. Latvia join USA, Serbia and China on the men’s side while Azerbaijani women join USA, France and China.

With half the spots taken up, the urgency only heightens heading into the second FIBA 3x3 UOQT in Utsunomiya, Japan on May 3 - 5 where another spot per category will be taken up. 

The contending teams are:


1. Lithuania

2. France

3. Mongolia

4. Netherlands

5. Puerto Rico

6. Japan

7. Egypt

8. Brazil 


1. Germany

2. Canada

3. Netherlands

4. Japan

5. Austria

6. Australia

7. Kenya

8. Brazil

The remaining 6 spots will be up for grabs in the last and biggest Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Debrecen, Hungary on May 16-19. 16 teams in both the men’s and women’s side will compete for 3 spots each to round off our Olympic contenders. 

The teams are:


1. Lithuania

2. Netherlands

3. France

4. Mongolia

5. Belgium

6. Spain

7. Austria 

8. Switzerland

9. Germany

10. Puerto Rico

11. Canada

12. Japan

13. Poland

14. Egypt

15. Hungary

16. Madagascar


1. Germany

2. Canada

3. Spain

4. Hungary

5. Netherlands

6. Japan

7. Lithuania

8. Ukraine

9. Poland

10. Czechia

11. Egypt

12. Italy

13. Israel

14. Mongolia

15. Chile

16. Tunisia 

The stakes are sky high, which teams will claim their ticket to Paris? Find out in the upcoming tournaments. Tune in LIVE to our YouTube channel.