22 spots for 3x3 Europe Cup confirmed after Bratislava and Constanta Qualifiers

BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)/CONSTANTA (Romania) - 11 teams per gender already have their tickets for the 3x3 Europe Cup 2023 after the Bratislava and Constanta Qualifiers from this last weekend.

The 3x3 Europe Cup will take place in Jerusalem, Israel, on September 5-7.

In both qualifiers, 3 men's teams and 3 women's teams stamped their tickets to Israel. 

Were already qualified before: 

MEN: Israel (Hosts), Serbia (2022 winners), Lithuania, Netherlands and Latvia (ranking)
WOMEN: Israel (Hosts), France (2022 winners), Germany, Lithuania, and Netherlands (ranking)

In Constanta, Ukraine (w) and Italy (w) were the first two teams qualifying as they dominated their pools. Spain would get the third and last spot in Romania defeating Estonia. In the men's side, Belgium and Croatia got the first two tickets after winning both their ticket games, with Germany defeating Ukraine to get the third spot available. 

In Bratislava, Portugal and Hungary dominated their pools in the women's category and got their tickets after the pool phase, with Czech Republic claiming the third one after beating Austria. In the men's side, Austria and France won their respective finals, while Czech Republic got the last spot available against Poland.

11 teams per gender are already qualified:

MEN: Israel, Serbia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Latvia, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Austria, France and Czech Republic. 
WOMEN: Israel , France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal and Hungary. 

The last spot per gender will be awarded this weekend at the Limassol Qualifier, in Cyprus.