3x3 men's players who defined 2023

MIES (Switzerland) - The superstars put on a show on the half-court all year long and let's look at the cream of the crop who rose to the top in this memorable season. 

Strahinja Stojacic 

You know who we're going to start with. The dude who just submitted the greatest individual season in 3x3 history. Let's recap this incredible 2023 for Stojacic, who entered with pressure on retaining his crown having the previous season cemented his status as the world's best player. 

He somehow went up a level to dominate almost all the major stats on the World Tour and claim four MVPs, including at the showpiece Jeddah Final.  

Stojacic also was spectacular at the international level to win MVPs in Serbia's triumphs at the World Cup and Europe Cup.

He doesn't just fill up the box score and provide thunderous slams, Stojacic has almost perfected the game by finding the right balance between shifting into attack mode and getting his teammates involved.

After again finishing with the crown, Stojacic is now making a case for 3x3's GOAT as the debates have started between him and former Novi Sad superstar Dusan Bulut. 

We're going to say it one last time in 2023 - the half-court is 'Doctor Strange's' multiverse. 

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Jimmer Fredette 

The hype was in overdrive. We had heard about 'Jimmer Mania' from his legendary college career and long-time NBA stint and we can confirm that the hysteria is real after seeing the craze sweep onto the half-court. 

Every time Jimmer Fredette stepped onto the half-court anywhere in the world he had the spotlight on him. With so many fans in the bleachers wearing his singlet, Fredette didn't let them down as he put on a shooting spree never before seen on the World Tour. 

He shot an insane 44% from 2 and at volume as Fredette averaged 5 twos per game to become the most lethal shooter from downtown. Other than Stojacic, Fredette was the only dual MVP winner on the World Tour having claimed top honors in Cebu and Abu Dhabi.

He also came agonizingly short of powering USA to gold at the World Cup, but his memorable first full season of 3x3 is just a taste of things to come as Fredette eyes completing a childhood dream and playing in the Olympics in 2024. 

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Worthy de Jong 

The most jaw-dropping individual season was produced by the dude who has the most apt nickname: 'Hype Worthy'. No one has ever had such a season long scoring binge like this Dutch hoops legend, who averaged an insane 9.3 ppg on the World Tour. 

Tapping into his deep bag, de Jong unleashed a deadly cocktail of Euro steps, crossovers and nasty foot work to prove to be absolutely unguardable. Add his incredible athleticism and it's little wonder he rewrote the record books.  

De Jong wasn't just all flash as he showed by winning MVP at the Hong Kong Masters to end Amsterdam HiPRO's long title drought on the World Tour. 


Dejan Majstorovic 

The greatest winner in 3x3 history? That's easy. It's the man they call 'The Maestro'. Bradley Cooper really needs to look into making a film over this 'Maestro' because Majstorovic has the secret sauce wherever he plays. 

His footprints are all over the two GOATS of 3x3 - Novi Sad and Ub Huishan NE, who won a staggering seven titles on the World Tour this season. Majstorovic continued to prove he had the shooter's touch, especially in the clutch, highlighted by winning MVP at his favored Prague Masters

The 3x3 legend also cemented Serbia's standing as the international force on the half-court with another World Cup triumph. 


Stefan Milivojevic 

There were many amazing newcomers this season, but no one stamped themselves quite like this spectacular Serb, who produced some of the craziest Buzzer Beaters of 2023. 

Milivojevic was such a stone cold assassin and seemingly stronger than everyone else on the half-court that he just had to have a dope nickname. 

Now everyone around the world knows the muscular Milivojevic as 'The Gladiator', who you just know is somewhere lifting weights and getting in even better shape for 2024.

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Ning Zhang 

What was the main reason Liman Huishan NE remained among the best in the business?

Sure their greats Stefan Kojic and Mihailo Vasic remain all-timers, but they freshened up by adding powerful Ning Zhang, who enjoyed a breakout 2023.

The Chinese star was unstoppable when he had a full head of steam as he memorably showed during his MVP run in Chengdu, where he bulldozed to the paint to prove that he's a wrecking ball on the half-court. 


Quincy Diggs (Vienna)

It has long felt that this American has been underappreciated despite for some time being his country's top-ranked player. 

But after such a purple patch late in the season, you feel Diggs has received deserved recognition having claimed the MVP in Vienna's title in Amsterdam

There are players with flashier stats, but few others can make their teammates better quite like Diggs whose selfless attitude underpins Vienna - one of the best teams in the world. 


Antonio Ralat

It's great to see an OG nation back in business and sniper Antonio Ralat has been a big reason why Puerto Rico have regained their 3x3 swagger.

He's a certified bucket getter and reinvigorated San Juan, whose decision to back their talented youth has paid off in spades.

Ralat not only was deadly on the World Tour, but he was part of Puerto Rico's first-ever triumph at the AmeriCup on home soil. The 27-year-old is just getting started as he quickly becomes a household name.

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Franck Seguela

It didn't quite sit right that proud hoops nation France had never had a team that went all the way on the World Tour. But that all changed when Paris won the Wuxi Masters

That was where Seguela sizzled with an MVP performance and silenced the critics once and for all who questioned his ability to perform on the biggest stage. 

Having averaged 7.5 ppg on the World Tour - the second highest for players with more than 15 games - Seguela proved that he was a scoring machine and one of the best players in 2023.


Delgernyam Davasambuu

This was a defining year for 3x3-crazy Mongolia after they claimed the men's title at the Asia Cup and Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy won a historic title at the Shanghai Masters

At the heart of those successes was the man they call 'The Bull' who's almost always the strongest dude to step on the half-court, 

All the blood, sweat and tears was worth it for Davaasambuu, who continues to inspire 3x3-mad Mongolia. 



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