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Endorsement Process:

Organizing FIBA 3x3-endorsed events has never been so easy. Best news is, anyone can join the ever growing worldwide network of organizers now!

You will be automatically granted rights to organise FIBA 3x3 endorsed events by:

The Event Maker and website are both completely FREE digital tools that will help you organise 3x3 events by managing your registrations, schedules and results entry among many other functionalities.

Quick & easy steps to get you started:

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  1. Register now by creating your FIBA 3x3 profile
  2. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox (Check your Junk/Spam folder)
  3. Click on the Confirm button to activate your account.
  4. Go to Event Maker Web App and login using your recently created profile's email and password.
  5. Create your organisation/company/National Federation account.
  6. You can now start creating your 3x3 events!

Note: The use of Event Maker is mandatory to become a FIBA 3x3 endorsed organiser, so that your events can be part of the 3x3 global competition network.

3x3 Event Maker:

FIBA 3x3 is giving all 3x3 event organizers free tools to create, manage and promote their events. Whether you want to set up a small 3x3 event at your local school or host a World Tour or a 3x3 World Cup event, spreading the word has never been easier.

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All events created with 3x3 Event Maker are published to the global platform for all 3x3 basketball - website

From paid registrations to scheduling and results entries, managing events with Event Maker is easy, fast and fun. You can set up multiple events, create tours, manage registered teams and enter results as they happen. Add staff to your organisation and grant them specific rights so they can help you have successful event.

Premium Subscriptions Plans & Features

Event Maker Premium Subscription Features Comparison

Event Maker Support

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The 3x3 Event Maker is available at You can find some articles to help you find your way around here such as:

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions. Contact us here:

Scoresheet Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet (blank)31/01/2024

Branding Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Branding Guidelines01/02/2023
TypeDocument nameUpdated
zipFIBA 3x3 Endorsed Stamp01/01/2022